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Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (APLP)


Poetry Hike (a few photos and more to come)

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Celebrating the diversity of Albuquerque's many nuances is at the core of the Poet Laureate Program.  Joining together and elevating awareness is in the poet's soul.  Lovers of poetry are everywhere, and the Duke City abounds with the culture of adventure.

The morning of November 19th was promising to usher in the just right mix of sun and sky, words and people, food and laughter.  The veg chili and turkey chili were stewing--the salads prepared, the buffet table casually waiting. 

In an effort to bring community together in support of the Albuquerque Poet Laureate's Program, a special event was enjoyed by over thirty lovers of poetry and the outdoors this past November.  Traditionally, the Albuquerque Hiking and Outdoor Meetup has two or three poetry hikes each year.  The idea was conceived several years ago by Aaron Greenwood, an outdoor enthusiast and local poet. Members hike and either read poetry along the trail, or later gather at a home and enjoy a potluck meal and then share poetry.  In the past the hikes have been themed, i.e. Twentieth Century Poets, Russian Poets, etc. The theme this time was Poet Laureates.

Hikers and poets gathered at a hiker's home, carpooled over to Elena Gallegos open space where they paused at an overlook above the duck pond and several people shared a poem by a Poet Laureate.

Later back at the house all enjoyed a meal, spirited conversation, and settled in for the Featured Poets of the evening including: ABQ poets Jules Nyquist, Stewart Warren, Lauren Schwartz, and NY poet, John Roche.  After, anyone was able to read.  Almost everyone had selected a wondrous poem written by a poet laureate and shared it a loud with the group.

In addition to an opportunity to mix it up a bit, we even raised a little money for our first Albuquerque Poet Laureate.

--Lauren Schwartz, Albuquerque, NM