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Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (APLP)

Mission Statement

The Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (APLP) celebrates the diversity of poetry in Albuquerque by offering a resident poet to make meaningful connections, honor and serve the community, elevate the importance of the art form, and share poetry with Albuquerque residents.

Dear Albuquerque,

The APLP Project Team began by developing expectations for the position of poet laureate and the qualifications we thought would best serve our Mission Statement.  These have been determined by researching poet laureate programs in cities and states around the country, but moreover have come from direct dialogue with Duke City residents.

The team interviewed a number of poets and community organizers in the Albuquerque area by phone and in person including the Albuquerque Slam Poet Laureate, founders of organizations like Local Poets Guild and presidents of the New Mexico State Poetry Society (to name a very few).  From Hip Hop to Academia—we listened.   As well, we sent out a survey to residents representing a variety of genres and interests that we thought would provide a broad range of responses. And Wow, did we get what we asked for!

Immediately we saw that pleasing everyone, though a worthy goal, was just not going to happen.  So with respect for a wide range of interests and needs we continued over the summer of 2011 to further develop the application and selection processes.  Please select a link on the sidebar to explore the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program, and thanks for taking an interest in this community enhancing endeavor.

—APLP Project Team

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