Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program


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Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (APLP)

Poet Laureate Application Process


Applications accepted between November 1st and December 15th. 

Selection of the Albuquerque Poet Laureate will include two steps:

1. Review of complete applications and selection of  3-4 finalists.

2. Interview with the selection committee (including a reading) by finalists.


Complete applications must contain: 

  1. A completed Albuquerque Poet Laureate Application Form, signed by the applicant.  Hard copy/snail mail and/or electronic applications will be accepted.  The app can be found online here.
  2. A signed, typed, single page cover letter from the applicant stating why she/he is interested in being the Albuquerque Poet Laureate.
  3. A resume or a Curriculum Vitae, with a list of publications and/or performances, awards and honors, readings and other relevant information. Please include pertinent information on public performances, such as dates and venues and/or publication lists, such as publishers, dates of publication, ISBN numbers or acknowledgment of any self-published works.
  4. A sample of written work of up to ten (10) poems of no more than fifteen (15) pages and/or a CD or video of the poet reading, or audio or video links, of no more than 15 minutes in length.
  5. Two letters of support, at least one letter from a community organization with which you have worked/volunteered in the past.
    Letters should be addressed to the APLP for the time period for which you are applying. Please scan signed copies of support letters and upload them with the rest of your application.
  6. A proposal for one (1) community outreach project which includes two budgets-one for a total project cost of $1,000.00, the other with a total project cost of $3,000.00.  A Proposal Guideline is included in the application packet.  Project Proposal Form here.
  7. A one-page list of ideas for presenting poetry in non-traditional venues and/or for new audiences.
  8. All materials can be sent via electronic mail to our website, (website) or to (physical address).


Note: Please avoid a Conflict of Interest by having a member, or potential member, of the Selection Committee write a letter of recommendation.  It may disqualify them or you from participation in the program.

The newly selected Poet Laureate will be contacted by March 1st.  Her/his tenure will begin in April, National Poetry Month, at a designated inaugural event—specific date and event TBA.

Albuquerque Poet Laureate Application. Apply here.


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