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Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program (APLP)

APLP Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is charged with the responsibility and privilege of interviewing and selecting a Poet Laureate to represent The Greater Albuquerque Metro Area. It is the duty of the committee to express the tenets and vision of the APLP Mission Statement and to perform its activities in a spirit of service to the community.

The Selection Committee is comprised of residents of The Greater Albuquerque Area who apply to be members of the committee. They are selected by the APLP Organizing Committee. The Selection Committee consists of seven (7) members.

Members serve a 2 year term with half (3 or 4) of its members rotating off every year.  The Selection Committee will make every effort to represent diversity in gender, age, race, class and culture. 

The Selection Committee will include:

  • Four poets who have experience with the written word or spoken word, one of whom is a youth poet

  • At least one member of a local arts organization

  • At least one member of a community organization or business not related to poetry

  • At least one person currently working as a teacher in a school, university, or community setting.

Note: Please avoid a Conflict of Interest by writing a letter of recommendation for a Poet Laureate Applicant. It may disqualify them or you from participation in the program.

Want to be on the Selection Committee? Apply Here.


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